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If you read my comics and have made fan art or love letters for my comics send it to me at comicreader@onyichii.com. You can also tag me on Twitter, Tumblr, or Instagram if you have an account (just don't DM me there).

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I sell hoodies, shirts, totes, and mugs--official merch for my comics! Managed by Threadless.

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You can support me in multiple ways.

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Webtoon and Tapas are the official (English) sites I publish on. If you are reading my comics on any other site please don't.

You'll also be able to see a complete catalog including links to official translated versions on my website

I use translator apps to translate my comics.
If you are fluent in French, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, or Korean and would like to help me translate - feel free to email me at contact@onyichii.com


It's good to get some practice in. Here are some books I've picked up and websites I've glanced at and use. Use them in your art journey.

Disclaimer: I have not read all of the books listed, even though I do own them. I am suggesting them because I have flipped through them and found them useful or have read it entirely and found it educational. It is up to you to do the research and determine if it is the right book for you.

Writing Books

  • Story by Robert McKee

  • Writing Fiction: The Practical Guide from New York's Acclaimed Creative Writing School

  • Save the Cat

  • Anatomy of Story by John Truby

  • Creating Character Arcs by K.M Weiland

  • Understanding Show Don’t Tell

  • Writing Dazzling Dialogue

  • The Art of Comic Book Writing

  • The Emotion Thesaurus

  • The Negative Trait Thesaurus

  • The Positive Trait Thesaurus

  • Writer's Guide to Character Traits

  • Screenplay: The Foundations of Screenwriting

  • Build Better Characters: The psychology of backstory & how to use it in your writing to hook readers

Writing Resource Websites

  • Reedsy

  • Master Class

  • Studio Binder (More for film but can be applied to writing visual mediums like comics)

Art Books

Anatomy/Figure Drawing Books

  • Figure Drawing: Design and Invention

  • Anatomy for the Artist by Sarah Simblet

  • Anatomy for the Sculptor by Uldis Zarins

  • Drawing People Clothed by Barbra Bradley

  • Force Dynamic Figure Drawing

  • Dynamic Wrinkles and Drapery

Comic Creation Books

  • Comics/Storyboarding

  • Framed Ink by Marcos Mateu

  • Framed Ink 2

  • Making Comics by Scott McCloud

  • Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud

  • The Art of Comic Book Writing

Color Theory Books

  • Color and Light by James Gurney

  • Color Choices by Stephen Quiller

Pose & Other Art Links

Pose Figure/Gesture Drawing

  • http://www.posemaniacs.com/ [Flash required]

  • http://www.senshistock.com/sketch/#

  • https://line-of-action.com/

  • https://www.bodiesinmotion.photo/

  • https://www.quickposes.com/en

  • https://reference.pictures/